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Filipino Motivational Speaker in Manila, Philippines

6 May

When I finally decided to make public speaking as a career, I made a commitment to myself. I will do it as both a mission and an exercise of skills. I thought that I should speak not only in the Philippines but also abroad with foreign audience.

Lloyd Luna Sales Convention

Way back then, many people including some in my circle of friends thought it’s impossible for me to do it. But there was no reservation in my heart that I’m going to make it big time. I only needed focus and time.

I started speaking when I was just 21 years old . And yes, I must admit the first time I did it, I almost fainted.

And yes, I was also afraid of speaking in front. And oh yes, I was forced to speak in front!

All skills can be learned. And obviously, I was able to learn this one—and I’d like to add that I still learn after every seminar or talk that I do. I don’t think I will ever stop learning some more. I’m an avid fan of self-development. If there’s anything, that could be the first subject I’d choose and the last subject I’d give up.

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Our 2009 List of Seminars and Activities

1/8/2009 — Search and Staffers @ A. Venue Hotel, Makati City

1/14/2009 — Rotary Club of Downtown San Juan @ Club Filipino Greenhills, San Juan City

1/16/2009 — City Government of Calapan City @ Calapan, Oriental Mindoro

1/24/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop Cebu Normal University @ Cebu City

2/1/2009 — St. Louis University-Baguio @ Baguio City

2/4/2009 — University of Perpetual Help Rizal-College of Nursing @ Calamba City, Laguna

2/9/2009 — Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Marketing Department @ Sta. Mesa, Manila

2/18/2009 — University of the East-Economics Student Council @ UE Conference Hall

2/21/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop-Mindanao State University @ Iligan City

2/22/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop-Xavier University – Cagayan @ Cagayan de Oro

2/25/2009 — St. Paul Federation of Junior Marketing Association @ UPV Auditorium, Iloilo City

2/26/2009 — Environmental Global @ Ortigas, Pasig City

2/27/2009 — Environmental Global @ Makati City

3/9/2009 — United Laboratory – Therapharma @ Lucena City

3/11/2009 — United Laboratory- Therapharma @ Batangas City

3/16/2009 — V Cargo on Public Speaking @ Makati City

3/17/2009 — V Cargo on Public Speaking @ Makati City

3/18/2009 — Divine Word College of Calapan @ Calapan City

3/19/2009 — Luna-Goko Medical College @ Calapan City

3/21/2009 — Internet Marketing Seminar @ Cebu City

3/22/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ Iloilo City

3/24/2009 — STI Global City @ STI Global City Taguig

4/2/2009 — Department of Health @ Tagaytay City

4/23/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ SEAMAC Manila

4/28/2009 — Colegio de San Juan de Letran @ Calamba City

5/14/2009 — Internet Marketing Seminar @ Bacolod City

5/17/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ Trace College, Laguna

5/28/2009 — Youth Leadership Training for Rep. Manny Mamba @ Tuao, Cagayan

5/30/2009 — PhilEvent Business Conference @ Asian Institute of Management Conference Center, Makati

6/12/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ Davao City

6/12/2009 — 1st Branded Leadership Seminar @ Makati City

6/22-23/2009 — Colegio de San Juan de Letran @ Calamba City

7/15/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ Naga City

7/17/2009 — Globe Telecom @ Globe Telecom Plaza, Mandaluyong City

7/20/2009 — Canon Marketing @ Pasong Tamo, Makati City

7/21-22/2009 — Tieline @ Pasong Tamo, Makati City

7/31/2009 — University of Pasig @ Antipolo City

8/3-4/2009 — Internet Marketing for Green Circle Realty @ PSE Building, Pasig City

8/8/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ Iloilo City

8/13/2009 — Philippine Sugar Technology Association @ Cebu City

8/17/2009 — Chevalier School @ Angeles City, Pampanga

8/27/2009 — Human Resource Summit @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

8/28/2009 — Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines @ Bellevue Hotel, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

8/29/2009 — Rotatact Club @ Asian Institute of Management Conference Hall

9/3/2009 — Internet Marketing Bacolod @ Bacolod City

9/3/2009 — Rotary Club of Bacolod City @ Bacolod City

9/3/2009 — Toastmaster Club @ Bacolod City

9/9/2009 — Team Building for Tieline and Merger @ Los Banos, Laguna

9/12/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ Canlubang, Laguna

9/17/2009 — Bulacan State University @ Bulacan

9/18/2009 — San Beda College – Alabang @ Muntinlupa City

9/29/2009 — Polytechnic University of the Philippines @ San Pedro, Laguna

10/6/2009 — University of Legaspi @ Legaspi City

10/7/2009 — United Laboratories Sales Rally @ Bayanihan Hall, Mandaluyong City

10/15/2009 — Internet Marketing Talk @ Asian Institute of Management

10/18/2009 — Women’s Council @ Dipolog City

10/25/2009 — DBP-DEEP Workshop @ Don Bosco School, Nueva Ecija

11/5/2009 — Landbank of the Philippines @ Malate, Manila

12/8/2009 — Thomwell International @ Istanna Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

12/10/2009 — Senate Employees Motivation Program @ GSIS Gymnasium

Standard Module for a one- to three-hour motivational talk

In the last four years, I have traveled around the Philippines and some parts of Asia to share my message of inspiration, hope, and success. And I’d like to appreciate every one who made these trips possible. I must say that I enjoyed every part of it. It was a great feeling having worked with wonderful people in different industries of different nations.

The good news is I’m able to squeeze my life-long experience in a one- to three-hour module. This can be used by any organization of any type and size in furthering the performance of their team by letting them hear and experience my message.

So here’s what inside your “Achiever” package:

The Law of Difference

The law states that “Successful people do what the unsuccessful people don’t do.” In this segment, participants are taken into comparing the two main types of people in any given society: the people who achieve something and the people who are left with either a little or nothing. Lloyd Luna shares his personal experience and observation while he was still living in a depressed community in Sta. Mesa, Manila until he got connected to the people living in Forbes Park in Makati City.

  • Why people get up early in the morning and what it means in your life
  • Why people watch TV and why watching TV isn’t really a way to the top
  • Why people try to define more problems and who gets the benefits from these problems

The Law of the Season

The law states that “Dry season follows rainy season.” In this segment, participants are encouraged to hang on to their hopes and decide to move on. Most people get the benefit of this and when they are able to understand this, it will rather be easy for them to pick another journey.

  • In personal life, this is helpful to people who are in deep pain caused by traumatic broken relationship
  • In career, this is helpful to those who got fired, demoted, or failed to get the dream promotion. It is also beneficial to those who failed to achieve their sales quota.
  • In business, this is helpful to better understand the dynamics of competitive industries and to better exercise patience in running an enterprise.
6 Jul

Save 40% of your traditional marketing budget by learning the curves of Internet Marketing in the Philippines

Best-selling Filipino author and highly sought-after motivational business speaker LLOYDLUNA is making his Internet Marketing Success secrets public. Now, be one of those who’ll first benefit!

Dear friend–

You arrived at this page not by accident. I thought if it’s not by accident, it could have been for a reason. So what I’m going to do right now is to presume what could those reasons be and perhaps give you some ideas about what I am passionate about: Internet marketing.

Many books, e-books, seminars, and workshops have been made that features Internet marketing. Most of them promised you to become a millionaire without doing some disciplines. You can earn without labor.

I don’t believe so. In fact, many were disappointed because they didn’t get the money after those seminars and workshops. Their frustrations led me to create something that works using the Internet as a marketing platform.

I believe Internet marketing isn’t about money or the sales. If only that’s my motivation, I could have failed in my business long ago.

But take away the millions that I made through the Internet and I will still be an Internet marketer. I learned to love this work and now I treat it as a sacred profession. I thought this is a gift that I should nurture and share to others.

My work as probably one of the most effective teacher on Internet marketing in the Philippines is neither an easy job nor a walk in the park. But I can tell you the rewards are great and the benefits are limitless.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you the fruit of our three years of labor, discipline, and experience.

What’s in it for you?

Yes. I’d like to talk about you and your company. Even if you’re part of the executive team or the sales group or the administrative support, this can work for you. I’d like to talk about your personal success as well as company’s growth.

I intend to help maximize Internet technology in times when you seem to be short of resources or uncertain if you can win the competition in the Internet.

Some specific benefits for you

* Convert your workforce into an Internet marketing machine

* Rank number 1 in Search engines such as Google

* Paperless editing, inventory management

* Build your own list or database

* No-cost marketing and advertising

* One-year Internet marketing plan

* Sell without selling

* And more…

Among those who attended our Internet Marketing Seminar Workshop

* JRS Express

* Puratos (Philippines)

* FaxCable

* Rico Philippines Industrial Corporation

* Scene and Beauty

* Emelino T. Maestro Group

* ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

* The Filipino Channel

* Telepinas

* ABS-CBN Interactive

* Microtel

* Anchorland Holdings

* Montifar Photography

* Kaisa Consulting

* Honda Cars

* Belciña Realty

* Sykes Asia Inc.

* Matuguina Law Office

* ARRLAND Realty

* Global Travel

* Aboitiz Land, Inc.

* Cordia Phils.

* Mc Dela Fuente

* Basilland

* Johndorf Ventures, Inc.

* Matiao Real Estate Corp.

* Secure DNA

* Amega Global

* Hercules Realty

* Primary Homes

* Park Mall

* Cebu Realty

* Sugbuanon Realty

* Land Asia Realty

* Visayas Second Raw Corp.

* Psalm Property Venture & Devt.

* Rel Trading

* Marco Polo Plaza

* Spaceland Realty

* Taft Property

* Solid Green V. Wade

* Colliers Int’l.

* Vazbuilt-Cebu

* Jovial Media Events

* Philtropics


* Cherry Automobile

* Primary Motor

* Gem Realty

* Ahead Learning System

* Team Energy


* RCW Foundation

* Megawecare

* Sun Life Financial

* Cebu Realty

* Tieline

* Center for Leadership and Change Inc.

* Franklin-Covey

* New San Jose Builders (The Fort Victoria)

* Development Bank of the Phils.

* MJV Global

* Stance Consultancy

* Idess Interactive

* Telepinas

* Kaisa Consulting

* Thomson-Reuters

* CSM Publishing

* Laus Group of Companies

* Rabbit Advertising

* My House Magazine

* Resulta Realty

The Use of Internet for Your Business

Big and small companies would want to be “recession-proof.” The good news is that it’s actually a brilliant idea that can spare thousands of jobs and secure a healthy financial reputation.

The bad news is that desire to be recession-proof seems to be too late. Putting a shield when the bullet has already gone inside our body is already putting the “fire” off.

But here’s the thing. Using the Internet technology and facility, you can actually save your self or your company from drowning. And one of solutions that I see is cutting your marketing and advertising cost to 40% but raising 60% more sales.

How can I possibly make more money than that of some executives who had their masters degree or entrepreneurs with reputable businesses? Hmmm.

Quick answer is, I am helping them. And they pay me for doing so–create an effective website, coach their people, give them tips and Internet marketing ideas, analyze their website, facilitate their Internet marketing planning session, among others.

How this will benefit you?

Let me guess. Big and small companies should always be in search for fresh deals. If not, their competitor will surely do that and that will kick them out from the field.

I have observed a common problem among many companies that I’ve closely worked with. I also found a common solution (because it’s a common problem).

The reason why most of them can’t find new deals and establish new business relationship is because they are busy working in their business trying to fix as many problem as they could and that’s it. And guess what. After those problems are solved?

Hmmmm. A new set of harder problems are just ready to be taken. And they are waiting in long lines.

Course Objectives

* To introduce the concept of an effective Internet Marketing

* To prepare necessary tools before engaging into the Internet market

* To understand Internet marketing

* To capitalize on available technology in creating marketing success

* To define the company position in the Internet market

* To learn different tools used in Internet marketing

* To learn how to use Internet marketing tools

* To create an e-marketing campaign with no additional budget

* To learn a unified marketing campaign strategy in the Internet

* To take advantage of social networks

* To compliment existing traditional tri-media marketing campaigns

* To explain the importance of responsible Internet marketer

* To communicate the greater implication of responsible e-marketer

Course Outline

Introduction to Internet Marketing

• Definition of Internet Marketing

• The fundamentals of Internet Marketing

• Characteristics of an Internet Marketer

• Attitudes of a great Internet marketer

• The Internet Market

• The search

Internet Marketing Tools

• The Email

• The Email List

• An E-Group

• The Auto-reply

• The signature

• The forum

• The Social Networks

• The website

Using the tools
• The importance of corporate emails

• How to come up with a list

• How to grow your email list

• How to start an e-group and promote it

• Why use auto-reply

• An attractive signature

• Being active in different related fora

• Participating in social networks

• An engaging website 00:00:00

Website essentials

• The importance of a website or a blog

• The design

• The color and its psychology

• The content

• The activities

• Irresistible offers

Rich contents
• Who is the website for?

• Defining the purpose of your Internet presence

• Identifying your core offering

• Creating clean, clear, and really captivating contents

• Organizing web contents

Marketing proposition
• Market saturation, exploration, and expansion

• Service or product offering

• The deliverables and promises

• Partnerships and co-branding

• The marketing roadmap

• The marketing plan

Setting it up
• Marketing plan presentation

• Creating a webpage and a blog

• Placement of contents

• Setting up an e-group

• Joining related forums

• Identifying prospects

• Spotting marketing leads

• Maximizing Internet presence

Creating opportunities
• Cross-promotion and co-branding

• Understanding links and cross-linking

• Marketing for companies

• Collaborative Internet marketing

• Collating Internet marketing efforts

• Complimentary marketing

• Unified strategies 00:00:00

For more information, please contact us.

LLOYDLUNA’s Final Take

I can still make money somewhere without this seminar. I still write books, consult to start-up and established corporations, give seminars and talks, and do some marketing works.

Even without you availing any of my offers, I can still make it. But why do you think would I spend my precious time to talk to you and discuss this in detail as effective as I could?

You’re right.

Because I thought by doing this, I can help you create a better quality of life for you and for those you love. I’ve identified all the “promises” that can develop what you are and what you have right now. And there’s only one thing left undone: your submission.

When you decide to finally patronize any of our IM Brands, things will be different. And you’re going to experience a new world where possibilities are limitless.

After you enroll in one of coaching programs, your perception of the Internet as an unexploited market will change and I promise you there will be a drive for you take advantage of its technological promise.

I wonder how my life has changed over time with the Internet as not just a requisite for success but rather a necessity that each one of us might use to take a lead. I’d like you to lead.

I’d like you and I to lead. IM. New Generation Marketing Principles. Now selling.

Our partial list of clients, our clients’ testimonials, and our photo gallery.


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