Archive | April, 2011
30 Apr

Trained the workforce of Yutaka Philippines for an entire day in Carmona, Laguna. Thank you for another wonderful experience. Claro? Hehe.

29 Apr

Watch Creative Business with Lloyd Luna today at 11am, Global News Network Destiny Ch. 8.

15 Apr

Walked by Singapore East Coast, had a Western breakfast by the beach, enjoyed an infinity pool by the shore with @jeralynwoo & Nikky (DSLR)

14 Apr

Breakfast at Intercontinental Singapore; will look around for gadgets… will speak on Why Am I Working? by 1pm…

13 Apr

Safely touched down Changi Airport. It’s good to be back in Singapore! Enjoying our stay Intercontinental. Tomorrow is a big day!

13 Apr

Off to Singapore to speak at the 9th Annual Secretaries’ Summit!

3 Apr

God’s grace is not a license to sin… Have a blessed Sunday everyone!