Archive | August, 2010
28 Aug

In months, I deprived myself of playing badminton. Today, I’m giving these muscles a chance! 🙂

26 Aug

Tomorrow on Creative Business: Bobson Jeans Victor Tan and the president of 2121212 Quick Delivery. What’s your question?

25 Aug

Visited a doctor today after lunch for an after-tonsillitis check up and was given some vitamins…

23 Aug

Thank you Lord for the healing! Whew! Still have to regain the energy but I’m not good for the week.Thanks for the life!

21 Aug

Tonsillitis, reason for my fever, headache, body pains. Woke up at 4am, I was chilling! I claim healing today!

20 Aug

Attending the launch of MVP Bossing Award at Fort Bonifacio.

20 Aug

Friends, will need to take a rest in a mid-afternoon. After my TV show today, I still don’t have the energy (but you can’t see that on TV).