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30 Jun

One more speaker after the coffee break and then I’ll take the center stage of Global Brunei 2010.

30 Jun

Fetched by a service car, now in a 7-star hotel in Brunei; to speak at 4pm before Asia Entrepreneurs Awardees!

Motivational speaker arrives in Brunei

30 Jun
Woke up by 4AM, prepared my stuffs for Brunei. Went to the airport at 520 and lined up to check in which took me about an hour to final go to the immigration. Got inside Royal Brunei Airbus 319 Flight 682.

At the entrance of the aircraft, you can grab newspapers (there are three titles) and i got The Brunei Times. I think they are more organized in letting the guests inside the aircraft by by “row-call.”

Everybody was seated when the airline crew offered a cold towel. That’s refreshing. I was able to clean up my face and hands (and I’m sure my iPad is happy to have my fingers cleaned).

Still inside, the real Brunei beauties started to offer Philippine newspapers and there are only two titles: Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Philippine Star. I asked for PDI.

Another Interesting thing about Royal Brunei is it plays a video of a short prayer in Islam but there’s an English subtitle. As of this typing, we’re 28,000 feet above the ground (as per the captain’s announcement.

Before I forget, a very cute yellow pillow was waiting on my seat. It’s cool. Breakfast is served. I should say a good breakfast. Well, better than that of Philippine Airlines. I got a set of scrambled egg with smoked fish as toppings, steamed potato and I forgot what the green stems are called. Also in the set is one piece of pandesal with a cup of apple juice. I was asked to choose between coffee and tea with sliced lemon. I chose the latter.

I think around 30 minutes after take off, we experienced turbulence, which have always been giving me nerves!

Touched down BS Begawan airport 15 minutes before schedule. The temperature is 26 degrees celcius. There’s not many people at the airport and this place is quite a quiet place.

Brunei is pretty much a tropical country. It was able to still preserve the Green thing, with many trees, a few but dazzling establishments, and maybe a few industrial places.

Opppps. Will have to go to my room now. Watch out for my next blog entry…

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30 Jun

Alright friends and followers. Safely touched down Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Airport. My hotel is just 4mins away from the airport!

30 Jun

Checking in Naia 1 bound to Brunei for speaking at Global Brunei 2010

29 Jun

Meeting with Board member-elect Angelica Jones Alarva in my office…

29 Jun