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28 Sep

Full-time marketing assistant at LLOYDLUNA needed; to write blogs, maintain Facebook, Twitter, etc; to represent the company on meetings.

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27 Sep

Sure, there are sad stories. Nobody expected this incredible flooding to happen. We thought it’s just the “normal” storm and nothing is worth worrying about. Well, it sounded true to me and to so many others until I saw hip-deep water filling the streets of Palanan Village where I hold office.

I looked out the window and saw what could have been the worst flood I ever saw. I would only see these car-submerged-in-water, people-walking-in-the-water, and Edsa-as-longest-open-parking-space, among other dramatic scenes in the news. Yesterday, it was very real to me. I can hardly go out to get some real food. I got all the cookies, instant junk food, and canned goods for the day.

For the entire day, I had to submerge myself in Facebook and Twitter among other “internet-based” activities. But even here, I wouldn’t be spared from people posting their concerns. There are people crying for help and there are people wanting to help but simply couldn’t. It’s a good thing though that power is up all throughout.

Cable television, live streaming of DZBB, and became my companion as I go around the web getting some information, posting and reposting them on the web. It was a day and night I’ve never been before.

My family is safe and sound. Only without some real food, I’m perfectly fine as against actress Christine Reyes who was trapped for hours on the roof before rescuers finally arrived. Thanks to the media for somehow “forcing” the authorities to get her and her family. But not all have the same reputation as her.

And so I thought of asking my friends what typhoon Ondoy has taught them. And here are some answers.

Maya said, “discipline. love for mother earth. and proper waste management.”

Rhenz said, “I learned this from you, master. that social status is irrelevant when it comes to calamities.”

Jeffrey said, “more sensitivity to those unfortunate people and to really go down to help even if you yourself also needs a help…”

Christine said, “after being trapped at NLEX just inside the bus for 24 hours i learned to TRUST GOD. I crossed the express way but GOD shooed me back to my bus only to find out that my hero was at the same bus. Thanks to Kuya Bayani who was with me through out the long trip. I’m now home safe and sound.”

Miro said, “Umbrellas does not have much use if most of the water came from under your feet.” and “Boats are a good investment.”

Kenneth said, “God gives us opportunities to forget ourselves and help others in need!! a friend in need is a friend indeed!! what will a man profit when he gains the whole world and loses himself! service to others and not self-service is the greatest gift anyone can give!!”

For my part, I believe that this natural calamity is simply a natural act of cleansing. We have been too lazy steward of God’s blessings focusing much on what we can get from this life rather than what we can give. The poor and the rich, young and old, boys and girls simply don’t care. Left and right, throwing trashes seems to be a natural part of living. We don’t care until we are caught flooded and all our properties submerged in deep waters.

Authorities spend so much money enriching and enjoying their stay in public office. On the side, they spend so much advertising themselves. They seem to have allotted more budget on things that matter to them rather than what matters to the people that they sworn in to serve.

As of 10:09AM, death toll rose to 51, most of them coming from Rizal province. There are some more missing. The government said, “it’s the worst flooding in the metro in 20 years.

We all know how this happened and what caused it to happen. We all know why this happened. We all know how to trace and figure out the root of the problem. In the last 20 years, our population grew rapidly. That translates to more people throwing garbage, consuming goods, causing more pollution.

Nothing can be farther than the truth. We have grown in numbers but we have not grown in wisdom.

Nobody can tell me that it’s only a natural calamity. It is a natural calamity PLUS irresponsible government MULTIPLY by irresponsible people. The answer to this equation creates a disaster that could have been prevented in the first place.

Unless lessons are learned and wisdom is taken from natural disaster such as this, it will only get worse. No worry, I will still write about this. I will still remind those who forget that we are all responsible for causing something to happen. It is a natural cleansing and may we cleanse the mind that brought us to this disaster so that in the future, we will be prepared.

Entry on Go Negosyo 10 Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

16 Sep

Lloyd A. Luna, 27, formally started his business at age 23 shortly after publishing houses rejected to print his first book, Is There A Job Waiting For You?

After long hours of self-studying website designing, he was able to raise some cash to print the book and register his publishing business. At daytime, he would personally deliver his books to bookstores all across Metro Manila. At night, he would create websites for clients.

To establish a company at a very young age without any business background or a business-oriented family to start with was next to impossible. Born to a tricycle driver and a primary public school teacher in a suburb town in Gumaca, Quezon, times were always tough and scarcity is but a common experience as he was growing up; planting rice and vegetables, raising hogs, among other activities to help them survive.

When he was eight years old, Lloyd needed to help his father sell breads to adjacent villages in their town. He would wake up as early as 4AM and would go to bed late at night.

It was a usual one-day-at-time struggle.

Yet, he proved that entrepreneurship isn’t about age, or family, or education background.

Poverty left him with only one choice: Take tertiary education at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Pressured by employment after college, he took Electronics and Communications Engineering instead of pursuing his passion and personal desire to be a journalist. Based on what he does now, he proved that previous formal education, more often than not, has very little to do with entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur, success didn’t come to him the easy way. Several times on several occasions, Lloyd would find it hard to start making money, a pretty fair reason for him to decide to go back to the corporate world and seek some employment opportunities instead. For one reason, he’s still very young and inexperienced. It was with the help of a very few people that jump-started his career as an entrepreneur. He proved that entrepreneurship is neither about age nor experience.

Lloyd neither started with monetary capital nor a modest funding as what many people think one should have to start a business. He started with his skills and talent using other people’s resources. He proved that anybody can start a business from what they’re capable of doing.

He started his website design service in a 20 sq.m.-apartment along Daang Bakal St. in Madaluyong City. He didn’t have any telephone line or an Internet connection. He had to use public pay phones to call his clients and would rent at Internet cafés to upload his websites. He proved that entrepreneurship isn’t about resources but rather the ability to use whatever resources one has at hand.

When he wrote his first book, the idea was never to make some cash. It’s about his contribution to help people find an answer to their question. He proved that in entrepreneurship, it’s not about what you’ll get but what you can contribute to improve the lives of the people.

Lloyd’s story is one best example of rags-to-riches story, at least in his generation. It’s a story of finding a business in an unlikely situation and rediscovering his passion in the process of pursuing what he loves to do.

From being a bread-seller in his early childhood to now a best-selling author, he has written eight more books on career and personal development that has been changing the way people think about themselves and live their lives.

His printed and electronic writings include Do You Have a Life of Your Own? (2006); Break Me Up, Nurse Your Future, and Tachniques (2007); The Obvious, Believe in Yourself, and Flavors of Success (2008); and The Untold Truth About Success (2009).

In 2004, he was cited as the youngest international journalist of the XV International Aids Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Three years later, he was awarded as Collegiate Ambassador for Peace in Seoul, Korea.

Lloyd is also a regular columnist of The Manila Times, Good News Pilipinas, Kabayan Star and Pinoy Handy Magazine in Hong Kong, Planet Philippines in Canada, Netrepeneur Magazine, and My House Magazine. He’s also a business consultant to start-up companies and SMEs and Internet strategist to some of the top 500 corporations.

He was described as “the man on effective career planning” by The Manila Times, “a life-saver for those who are confused in the uncertain, always-changing workplace” by The Manila Bulletin, an entrepreneur with a down-to-earth disposition,” by BusinessWorld, “a natural volunteer by heart,” by Philippine Daily Inquirer, among other positive accolades.

He has been inspiring more than 50,000 people every year, writing more than 100 business and management columns for newspapers and magazines around the world, and speaking to more than 80,000 audiences on career, business, and personal development each year around the country.

His charismatic and down-to-earth personality, dynamism, youthful energy, and enthusiasm make him a motivational speaker in the Philippines second to none. Lloyd goes beyond being an author or a life coach. He is an experience that many people dream to have. This is the very reason why he’s becoming more and more in demand to be up on stage to inspire and share his wisdom and experience.

Datu Reza Sinsuat, National Anti-Poverty Commission says, “A deprived and impoverished soul would find this book a weapon to fight poverty that exists in our mind and society.”

Raju Mandhyan, Author, The Heart of Public Speaking says, “Lloyd is a rare, authentic leader who has his heart set on a brilliant future for every single Filipino. His book provides us with nine effective vehicles to take us all there!”

Atty. Adrian Sison, broadcaster and author says, “His proactive stance of having jobs look for you show that the early bird really gets the worm and all the other benefits.”

Harry D. Pound, Author, It’s All About Being Better says, “Lloyd has a unique way of looking at life. His solution to overcome one of life’s major problems, ‘landing on one’s dream job,’ is a real eye-opener.”

Milaflor Gonzales, Public Information, LGU, National Capital Region says, “I read your book, “Is there a job waiting for you?” in just one sitting. I found it very inspiring and full of wisdom. At 39, I have experienced a lot of highs and lows, and have had my share of triumphs and tribulations. Reading your book has opened me up to new perspectives, given me new hope especially during these hard times.”

Jacqueline Michelle Lim, The University of Queensland says, “First off, I’d like to congratulate you on your new book. It seems that all your perseverance has been rewarded. I am only but honored to have known a person like you with vision and motivation. Keep up the good work and hope to get my copy from you soon. I’m sure you’ll reach greater heights! God Bless and cheers.”

Nene Manalo, JRS Express, says, “Thank you so much for the continuing education and motivation you are sharing me. I always read over and over again all your teachings. You have greatly influenced me. I am determined to be somebody also in the near future and be a channel of blessings to people that God has assigned to me.”

Erwin Acosta, Globe Telecom, says, “I may have been a lurker in this entire exchange but your Master Classes have given me a lot of food for thought.”

Sotera A. Uy Marketing Operation Manager, Grepa Life, says, “Dear Mr. Luna, Thank you so much for this very inspiring message and for coaching me. God bless!”

Ramon Alberto said, “Hi Lloyd, I’m one of those who are very lucky to receive your emails. It’s very inspiring. Although I’ve come across some of your wisdoms in the past, they have reinforced mine and have inspired me to share my own “lessons in life” to almost all I come into contact with.”

Harry H. Hawson CEO, Maverick By Design, says, “Dear Lloyd, I have checked your website quite extensively. I congratulate you for your efforts and to your business.”

May Lene L. Te, PJMA, Federation President, says, “A pleasant day! I once heard you speak in one of the seminars I had attended. And because I learned a lot from your talk, I become interested to invite you to be one of our guest speakers in our event this February.”

Mari S. Moya, Sales Director, EastWood Properties, said, “Dear Mr. Luna, Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring. Will grab a copy of your book and will ask for your autograph. Looking forward in meeting you someday.”

Wilhelmina Quiroga says, “Thanks a lot for the inspiring messages that you are sending me. This one inspires me the most because I have gone through many criticisms and sometimes I allow them to pull me down. From now on I will be like the spiral spring all the time.”

No one has ever made such a positive, powerful, and moving impact in the lives of the young and the old such as Lloyd. His affection, dedication, and passion to help, inspire, motivate, and move people of all walks of lives—from ordinary citizen in the streets to the extraordinary people in the workplace and business community, from students to teachers, from employees to entrepreneurs, from church groups to political organizations—are unmatched in his generation.

He deserves to be one of the 10 Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs.

10 Sep

To address the delegates of Youth 4 IT in UP Theater! Talking points: Find your meaning, be positively different, believe in yourself.

8 Sep

Series of meetings today; 9AM Agent; 10AM Tieline; 2PM Great Image; and oh 8PM Netrepreneur Magazine Launching; I’ll speak there!

Filipino Motivational Speaker in the Philippines gets 800 fans

7 Sep

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